300 MW Wind Power Project

Assela II Wind Farm Project

Client: Siemens-Gamesa Renewable Energy

Service: Geotechnical & Geophysical Investigation, Construction Material Survey, and Topographic Survey for wind turbine foundation, substation, and access road

Rotary Drilling, Test pit excavation, Seismic Refraction, MASW, Soil Thermal Conductivity test, Topographic Survey.

153MW Adama II Wind Power Project

Client: Hydrochina CGCOC JV

Service: Geotechnical Investigation for 102 Wind Turbine Generators (WTG), 230 KVA Sub-Station and transmission line, Adama II Wind Power Project,

Period: April – June 2013.

Wind Farms

  • Aysha II Wind Farm, Aysha
  • Adama II Wind Farm, Adama
  • Debre Berhan Wind Farm, Chacha

Cement Projects

  • Dangote Cement, Muger
  • Rayan Investment, GohaTsion
  • Pioneer Cement, Dire Dawa
  • Bed Rock Cement, Muger

Road & Bridge Projects

  • Neri Bridge, Jinka
  • Shenkora Bridge, Wendo Genet
  • Addis – Adama Toll Moter Way Project
  • Lot-II of Modjo-Hawass Toll Motor Way project

Light & Multi-Story Building

  • More than 850 buildings in Addis Ababa, Hawassa, Mekelle, Bahir Dar, etc.

Potash Mines in Danakil Depression, Dallol

  • Yara Potash B.V.
  • Circum Mineral Potash Ltd

Mineral Explosion and Core Drilling


Dam, Irrigation, and Water Supply Projects

  • Hargeissa Water Supply Project
  • 15 Towns Water Supply Project
  • Giba River, Mekelle water Supply Project
  • Ribb Weir Site and Ribb Canal,
  • Under Nile irrigation project
    • Lot-1 (Megech Pump station)
    • Lot-2 (Upper BelesWier site)
    • Lot-3 (Upper Beles Dam site)
    • Lot-4 (Negeso Dam site)

Research Projects

  • Chew Bahir Drilliing
  • Lake Haromaya Drilling
  • Lake Tana Underwater Drilling Project

Industrial Projects

  • Pepsi, Gonder
  • Coca-Cola, Bahir Dar
  • Easter Industry Zone, Dukem
  • Tana Pulp and Paper Project, Bahir Dar
  • Hawassa Industrial Park, Solid Waste Disposal Project


  • Meta Brewery, Sebeta
  • Zebidar Brewery, Welkite
  • Dashen Brewery, Debre Berhan
  • Habesha Brewery, Debre Berhan
  • Heineken Brewery (Harar, Bedele, Hawasa, Bahir Dar)

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