Experience - Addis Geosystems Plc


Light & Multi-Story Building

  • More than 850 buildings in Addis Ababa, Hawassa, MekelleBahir Dar etc..


  • Heineken Brewery (Harar, Bedele, Hawasa, Bahir Dar,
  • Meta Brewery, Sebeta
  • Zebidar Brewery, Welkite
  • Habesha Brewery, DebreBerhan
  • Dashen Brewery, DebreBerhan

Cement Projects

  • Dangote Cement, Muger
  • Rayan Investment, GohaTsion
  • Pioneer Cement, Dire Dawa
  • Bed Rock Cement, Muger

Road & Bridge Projects

  • Addis – Adama Toll Moter Way Project
  • Lot-II of Modjo-Hawass Toll Motor Way project
  • Neri Bridge, Jinka
  • Shenkora Bridge, Wendo Genet

Industrial Projects

  • Tana Pulp and Paper Project, Bahir Dar
  • Hawassa Industrial Park, Solid Waste Disposal Project
  • Coca Cola, Bahir Dar
  • Pepsi, Gonder
  • Easter Industry Zone, Dukem

Wind Farms

  • Aysha II Wind farm, Aysha
  • Adama II Wind Far, Adama
  • DebreBerhan Wind Farm, Chacha

Dam, Irrigation and Water Supply Projects

  • Hargeissa Water Supply Project
  • 15 Towns Water Supply Project
  • Giba River, Mekelle water Supply Project
  • Ribb Weir Site and Ribb Canal,
  • Under Nile irrigation project
    • Lot-1 (Megech Pump station)
    • Lot-2 (Upper BelesWier site)
    • Lot-3 (Upper Beles Dam site)
    • Lot-4 (Negeso Dam site)

Research Projects

  • Chew BahirDrilliing
  • Lake Haromaya Drilling
  • Lake Tana under water drilling project