The Team

Establish in 2005 with a business objective of providing Geotechnical, Soil and material testing laboratory, Drilling and Mineral exploration services currently employs 48 permanent employees among which 10 are professional with university degree ranging from BSc to PhD.  The professional team comprises, geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists, GIS expert and geologist.


Medium level technical staff include, drilling rig operators, vehicle mechanics and laboratory technician.  The founder and General/Technical Manager of AGS is Dr. Addis A. Zeleke who has PhD in Geotechnics with more than 20 years of practical and teaching experience in Ethiopia and Abroad.  In terms of equipment and facility, AGS runs five independent drilling crew with support vehicles, In-situ testing equipment and Soil and material testing laboratory.

Hard ship and Commitment

Every one of our staff members has an important role to play in the growth and continuation of providing reliable and professional services. Thanks to its committed employees AGS has now become one of the leading Geotechnical Investigation Company in Ethiopia.   It was because of to its employee’s commitment and hard work that AGS has successfully completed projects in remote  and in accessible area and extremely difficult conditions.

Team Spirit and Fun

AGS’s management always strives to create an excellent working environment for its employees and build team spirit. With AGS employees are given full responsibility in their assignments and are encouraged to participate in planning and decision making.   AGS has a culture of colorfully celebrating its company anniversary with employees, families and friends.  There is also a tradition of AGS staff divided into men and women category competing each other and awarding prizes to those who stood from first to third in both categories  during the Great Ethiopian Run.

Our Clients