The management and Senior professionals at AGS strongly believe in the importance of linkage between higher educational institutions with private companies. Some of the senior staff at AGS have strong ties with Addis Ababa, Adama, Mekelle universities and Ethiopian Construction Management institute  and share their experience with young engineers and geologists by giving lectures in specialized courses at post graduate level,  advising students and serving as external examiners.  AGS is also supporting post graduate students coming from various universities by making available its geotechnical data base for research purpose.

In the past couple of years, AGS on its own and in association with international partners has been participating in various workshops and construction exhibitions abroad and in Ethiopia. Senior professional at AGS presented papers on Geo-hazards and infrastructure development in Ethiopia, experience in under water drilling and application of Geo-synthetic products for Earthworks and foundation, Roads, Railways, Airports, Hydraulic Engineering, Landfill, Asphalt Reinforcement.

With a view to making better contribution to the development of the contraction sector and being aware of the gap in availability of skilled man power in the sector, AGS is now providing short term training for medium level technicians and engineers in the following areas:

  • Geotechnical  investigation
  • Drilling Techniques (Geo-technical, Coring, Water well)
  • Laboratory Testing (Soil and Material)
  • In-situ Testing
  • Geological Mapping and Mineral Exploration

Training programs could also be tailored to the requirements and needs of the Customer

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