Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration

We provide geotechnical services for all size projects.  These projects include simple residential houses, multi-story buildings, industrial projects, road and railway projects, air ports, wind farms, irrigation and water supply projects, transmission towers etc.

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Our geotechnical service could involve:

  • Preliminary and Reconnaissance level site investigation to assist developer in future decision
  • Detailed Geotechnical Investigation by conducting one or combination of the following activities and preparation of factual or interpretative report:
    • Test pit and Trench
    • Hand Auger
    • Rotary Drilling,
    • Shell and Auger/Percussion drilling
    • In-Situ/Field Tests
    • Laboratory Testing and Report Preparation
  • Ground improvement and soil stabilization
  • Together with our renowned International Partner, provide engineering solutions with Geosynthetic for various applications including Earthworks and foundation, Roads, Railways, Airports, Hydraulic Engineering, Landfill, Asphalt Reinforcement etc.
    • Supervision and testing of foundation works (excavation, compaction control, concrete etc..)
    • Geological and Engineering Geological Investigation and mapping for a variety of projects
    • Geo-hazard assessment (Land slide, subsidence, Expansive soils, Ground Cracking etc)
    • Geological and Geotechnical data base production in standard or client-specified format
    • Topographic Survey