Since it’s establishment in 2005, AGS has provided dependable and professional Geotechnical investigation, Geological survey and mineral exploration, Core drilling, Environment and Water related services to  domestic and international clients engaged in residential and commercial building, industrial, infrastructure, wind power, water supply, school, hospital and research projects.

Summary of these projects is listed below.

Breweries and Soft Drink factories

  • Habesha Brewery , Debre Birhan
  • Dashen Brewery, Debre Birhan
  • Zebidar Brewery , Welkite
  • Heineken Brewery , Harar and Bedele
  • BGI Ethiopia, Addis Ababa and Kombolcha
  • East Africa Bottling (Coca Cola), Bahir Dar
  • Moha soft Drinks (Pepsi), Gonder

Cement Factories

  • Rayan Investment Cement project, Goha Tshion
  • Dangote Cement factory in Muger
  • Inchini Bed Rock Cement factory in Muger
  • Pioneer Cement Factory in Dire Dawa
  • MYK Cement, Gebre Guracha

Road, Railway and Airport

  • Meki-Zeway Experess Way Project (Sub-grade and Construction material investigation)
  • Mega-Moyale Road Rehabilitation Project (Bridge foundation and Quarry investigation))
  • Gedo-Bako Road Project (Land slide investigation)
  • Ethio-Djibouti railway rehabilitation project at Lake Beseka and Aysha Bridge
  • Addis Ababa, Bole International airport Cargo Terminal Project

Industrial Parks

  • George Gloria Industrial Park (Modjo)

Glass & Bottle Factories

  • SID Bottle Factory (Chacha)
  • Juniper Glass Factory (Debre Birhan)

Garment & Textile Factories

  • Kanoria Afica Textile plc (Debre Zeit)
  • Calzodonia Garment Factory (Mekelle)

Light and Multi-Story Buildings

Geotechnical investigation including foundation recommendations for more than 450 Light and Multi-Story Buildings in Addis Ababa, Adama, Mekelle, Bahir Dar and Hawassa.

Wind Farms

  • Aysha – II Wind Farm Project (Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation)
  • Adama – II wind power project (Detailed Investigation for 102 wind turbines and substation)
  • Debre Birhan Wind Power Project (Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation)
  • Aysha Wind power project (Reconnaissance Level  Geotechnical Investigation)

Various Industrial Projects

  • Repi-Wilmar Edible Oil Complex Project (Dima)
  • Techno Mobile (IT Part, Addis Ababa)
  • Sentinel Steel Factory (Debre Zeit)
  • Garamba Spring water project (Arbegona)
  • Ethanol plant for KBK Industries in Dodota
  • Farida Tannery plc, ( Modjo)
  • Fincha sugar factory expansion project ( Fincha)
  • Al-Abasha Sugar Mill Factory Building, Arjo Bedele,
  • Drilling and sediment cording in Chew Baher Plane

Irrigation and Water Supply

  • Hargeissa Water Supply Project (Somaliland)
  • Fifteen Towns Water Supply Project
  • Beles Irrigation project
  • Negesso irrigation project
  • Dinjer Bereha Irrigation project (Dedessa Valley)
  • Ribb Irrigation project
  • Megech Irrigation project
  • Mekelle Water supply project (Giba Dam)
  • Errer Valley Irrigation project (Babille area)

Hosptial and School

  • Wello Tertiary Care and Teaching Hospital (Dessie)
  • Land Mark Hospital (Addis Ababa)
  • Paulos Hospital, EPHI Building
  • Alert Hospital
  • Catholic University of Ethiopia
  • Nazareth School
  • SNNRS 21 Elementary and High School projects

Research Projects

  • Under water Drilling and sediment coring in Lake Tana (96m)

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