Our Environmental Study section provide the following services:

  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessement (ESIA) and Environmental Audit Consultancy Service for a range of projects
    • Industrial
    • Mineral Exploration and Develompment
    • Agricultural
    • Housing etc..
  • Baseline Survey
  • Environmental Site Investigation and sampling by test pitting, rotary drilling, ground water and waste water sampling
  • Environmental sampling and testing (water, waste water, soil )
  • Compliance

Our Experience in Environmental Services are:

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessement Consultancy Services for
    • SID Bottle
    • Dangote Cement Project (Muger)
    • MYK Cement Project (Gebre Guracha)
    • Kanorial Textile (Debre Zeit)
    • Gramba Bottling Project (Sidama Zone, Arbe Gona)
  • Water and Waste Water Sampling and Testing (ILRI – Addis Ababa)
  • ESIA study for Mineral Exploration and Development (Cement Projects, Quarry, Potash etc..)
  • Contaminated soil deposal study (Djibouti)

Our Clients